The People of the INDIAN VALLEY


Robert Magee as MR. CONDUCTOR

The youngest in a long line of conductors, Mr. C. is an eccentric alcoholic

 who longs to one day be the head of a railway. When opportunity presents

itself on the Island of Sodor, he leaves his home inside the mural of Shining

Time Station to embark on an adventure that quickly leaves him without the 

drug he depends upon most of all - gold dust. With his days numbered and all 

credibility lost, Mr. C. must prove that he is still really useful - with or

without his magic in order to save the universe from total destruction.

Zoe Rose as LILY 

 Lily is a young girl who feels she has lost control of her ever-changing life in

the big city following the death of her father. Finding herself stranded at

Shining Time Station after a wrong turn on the way to her estranged 

grandpa's house, her seemingly ordinary life is turned upside down

following a chance encounter with a magical stranger. From there, she

begins an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, drug experimentation, and

 reconnection on her personal quest to find closure. 


Kestutis Povilauskas & Jacob Crosby as BURNETT STONE

Teenage Burnett Stone's life of chasing girls and failing grades isn't made any 

easier when he accepts the responsibility of becoming the caretaker of "Lady",

a god-like steam engine who's very existence keeps the universe in balance. 

But when he allows himself to become manipulated by his desires, he loses both

his best friend and the deity he swore to protect. Unable to cope with such colossal 

failure, Burnett retreats to a life of solitude on Muffle Mountain until his

granddaughter Lily re-enters the picture and helps him to see the magic in his life


Eugene Dovydaitis & Tommy Hartman as P.T. BOOMER

Once a carefree rebel, young Pete Boomer's world comes to a grinding halt

when he discovers that his girlfriend has been cheating on him with none other

 then his best friend, Burnett Stone. In a fit of rage, Boomer destroys Burnett's

 most prized possession and flees the Indian Valley for 50 years. Finding 

success in the tech industry, Boomer returns home as a selfish, out-of-touch  

wannabe hipster with one goal in mind; destroy the quaint town of Shining

Time and rebuild it into an overly "P.C." hellscape of consumerism and greed.

Along the way he discovers the whereabouts of Burnett, and aims to finish

the job he started by destroying his magical steam engine once and for all.  


Sand, surf, and drug abuse are all names of the game for Junior Conductor.

That is until Mr. C. forces him out of retirement to join him on his quest to

discover the source of their gold dust; a drug so harmful it causes it's users to 

shrink to the size of a G.I. Joe doll. Along the way, Junior meets Lily and

together they set off on a trip to the Island of Sodor to find more gold dust

that teaches Junior a valuable lesson on the responsibility of adulthood.

Jacob Jarrett as PATCH

Patch is a carefree but rather absent-minded young stoner who does odd jobs

around town for Billy TwoFeathers and the reclusive Burnett Stone.

He soon discovers that his home is far more complex than he ever

could have imagined when he brings Stone's impressionable granddaughter Lily

into town and ends up being a valuable ally in her inter-dimensional fight

 to save her grandpa and the magic he once possessed.


Billy TwoFeathers is hardworking Native American engineer whose family

has lived in the valley for generations. When PT Boomer comes to town, Billy 

and Patch aim to protect their quiet town from destruction in Mr. C's 


Brett Stampleman as STACY JONES

As Shining Time Station's friendly and motherly station master,

Stacy Jones works hard to keep her station running smoothly 

amongst the chaos that arrives once Boomer's back in town. 

Laura Downs as LILY'S MOTHER               

Frustrated by her moody and often emotional daughter, Lily's Mother's 

attempts to have a life after the death of her husband do not go unnoticed

by Lily. It's her business trip that sends Lily out into the country and on

an a journey of acceptance.

Brian Lonsdorf as LILY'S FATHER

Following his promotion to chief engineer of GoldTech Industries,

Lily's Father leaves on a business trip when she is very young, but not

before gifting her with a bluebird toy that quickly becomes a token of

nostalgia for the young girl. Little does she know of her father's true

intentions, nor of his misguided passion project that could spell

disaster for the Island of Sodor.   

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 A cheerful and cheeky blue tank engine, Thomas' simple life on the 

Island of Sodor is threatened by both the departure of his "fat" controller

 and the arrival of Diesel 10 and his goons. Constantly put down and 

mocked by the bigger engines, all he needs is a push from Lily to 

gather the courage to prove his worth and help the clueless conductors

in their attempts to save their universe from certain doom.

SudrianSteam as DIESEL 10

A product of corporate greed and military over-funding, a shy and scared

warship diesel locomotive is fitted with experimental A.I. technology

and becomes the monstrous "Diesel 10". Tasked with overthrowing Sodor's

steam regime, Diesel is tormented by the mechanical claw bolted to his 

cab roof but gives in to the evil it possesses in order to destroy the

Conductors' universe and help PT Boomer in his quest for modernization.   

Matt Twillman as GEORGE

George the Steamroller's mantra that "railways are no good" is quickly 

abandoned once he is manipulated into joining Diesel 10's forces in 

search of the magic buffers that lead to the lost engine. With promises 

of his own personal roller rink and a hatred for steam engines, George 

begins to question the mission and the competence of those who forced it 

upon him as he learns to stand up for himself and what he believes in, no 

matter how curmudgeonly.

Alex Lanham as LADY

 Lady the Lost Engine is key to all sentience on the Island of Sodor,  

and the source of magic in the Conductor Family's universe. When

 a previous Mr. Conductor stumbles upon young Burnett Stone in

1969, he entrusts the safety of Lady to him, only to see him fail. Now

in modern day, with both PT Boomer and Diesel 10 out to destroy

her and Mr. Conductor in desperate need of her magic, its safe to

say that this "lost engine" won't stay lost for long.


turtlesandthomas as SPLATTER

When tech conglomerate GoldTech seeks to expand its horizons out 

to the Island of Sodor, it sends Diesel 10's bumbling sidekicks along 

with him in order to establish a new status quo for diesel domination.

The dumber of the two buffoons, Splatter is frustrated by his brother's

constant monologuing and enjoys seeing Diesel 10's plans backfire.

Matt Michaud as DODGE 

Along with his brother Splatter, Dodge keeps as a watchful eye on the 

Sudrian steam engines for Diesel 10 while his plans are set into action. 

Dodge prides himself in his superior intellect and love of literature, 

although never seems smart enough to put either of those qualities to good

use to further their bosses' sinister mission. 

Wylie 'Forrest' Queenan as PERCY

As the youngest and most naive member of Sir Topham Hatt's fleet,

Percy is often given the short end of the stick when it comes to doing jobs

the bigger engines feel are beneath them. As Thomas' closest friend, the little

guy tries his hardest to protect the magic buffers from Diesel's forces and 

help Mr. Conductor, however frequently  he questions the morality of his 


 Luke "GingerPercy" Moorby as JAMES

James loves himself almost as much as loves his shining red paintwork. 

He takes pride in doing important work, and is convinced he should be the 

engine tasked with collecting Sir Topham Hatt's temporary replacement,

until he discovers Mr. C.'s degeneracy firsthand and wants nothing to do

with the chaos he has seemingly brought with him to the railway.

Ben Tattersall as TOBY               

Toby the Tram Engine seems to be the only engine unfazed by Diesel 10's 

arrival on Sodor. He's seen plenty of cruel diesels come and go in his time, and 

he's not about to let this one receive a different fate than any of the others.

Its this self-confidence and wisdom that proves his worth in the struggle to 

stifle the bad guy's plans.

thekipperrunsagain as GORDON

Even before his arrival, Gordon the Big Engine is Mr. Conductor's harshest

critic. Confused by Thomas' approval of the man, he is frustrated by the

ineptitude surrounding him and makes it a personal mission of his to

make sure Thomas stays in his place in the railway's hierarchy. However,

Gordon's stubborn attitude never blinds him from working hard to keep the 

railway running smoothly in this time of crisis, and he secretly fears 

Diesel just as much as the rest of the steam engines. He'd just never admit it.


Nick Van Bruggen as HENRY

Henry has been on the railway for many years, but recognizes a threat when he

sees one and is quick to inform the other engines of the severe danger they're 

in without the lost engine's presence in their lives. He knows that the increase 

of diesel prominence is enough to spell unmitigated disaster for the steam engines, 

especially now that Sir Topham Hatt is no longer there to protect them.

Mel Shiri as EDWARD

Edward is the oldest and wisest member of Sir Topham Hatt's fleet, but 

seems the least phased by Mr. Conductor's erratic behavior. He's much

more concerned by the arrival of GoldTech paraphernalia on the Island,

and makes sure to spread the news of the impending threat to peace 

the engines thrive in on Sodor.   

Mainland Studios as BERTIE

As one of Thomas' first companions and racing buddy, Bertie loves taunting

his pal and is quick to point out the when something seems off about his

friend's train.


missoliverandblossom as HAROLD

Harold the Helicopter is a friend to the railway, but not when flying 

low over the dusty yards on his daily safety patrol. 



Paul's Vids as THOMAS' DRIVER

A figure of constant ridicule, Thomas' Driver is a simple Englishman who's 

splintering trust in Mr. Conductor is ever-fleeting by the day. The poor guy 

is already going through a messy divorce, he definitely doesn't need any more 

shit thrown at him.

              SudrianSteam as SIR TOPHAM HATT 

The bureaucratic, narcissistic, and careless overlord of the North

Western Railway is a figure of admiration for Mr. Conductor. That is,

until he discovers the shady business dealings and blatant disregard

for safety regulations Sir Topham has allowed to persist on his railway.

It's Sir Topham's laziness that has allowed for the arrival of 

Diesel 10 and his minions, and now that he's gone on vacation for the 

week, its up to Mr. C. to attempt to clean up the mess he's left

in his wake.

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